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The Full Story

Future Pops is a manufacturer of cream based (dairy) and fruit based (non-dairy) pops

locally handcrafted in Portland Oregon. We were established in 1997 as The Portland Ice Cream Company, a wholesale distributor of prepackaged ice cream and a supplier of the ice cream trucks everyone is familiar with, which we continue to still do so to this day offering over 100 different varieties available at our wholesale department located at 1208 N Killingsworth St. In 2009 The Fish & Chip Shop was born, located at the west side of the building at 1218 N. Killingsworth St. out of a desire to do something in the off-season. People started asking for beer with their fish and chips so we applied for a beer and wine license. Things just kept growing and soon after that we opened the TARDIS room, a sci-fi bar modeled after the British television show "Doctor Who" and we were soon doing weekly trivia and comedy shows which lead to live music and a full liquor bar. We then acquired an Emery Thompson batch freezer and started making ice cream. As one thing lead to another we then decided to start making pops as  no one else seemed to be doing this. With all the sci-fi themed stuff going on in the restaurant and bar it was only natural that Future Pops was created back in 2018 in the back of the TARDIS room. We started to realize we were running out of room so we moved the production area to 1206 N. Killingsworth St which was the location of the ice cream parlor. We then moved the parlor to the front of the fish and chip shop and changed the name to Future Bar. This is where we are today! Future Bar is an ice cream parlor with a sci-fi theme that includes big screen TV's a  full size Ms. Pac Man/Galaga machine, a music room with a stage and pool table, in the back there is a hidden bar which leads to a patio with a table tennis table and enough room for over 50 people. If you know anything about Doctor Who you'll realize that just like the Tardis, Future Bar is bigger on the inside. Future Bar is kid friendly and all areas except the bar are open to minors until 10pm This is a great place to bring to whole family and if you get the urge for fun come down and explore FUTURE BAR! There's something to do for everyone and you will not be disappointed. Due to COVID-19 restrictions call first (503)232-3344