• Michael Shillingford

Fun in the sun this summer at Nike WHQ

Handing out Future Pops at Bo Jackson Field. They were so popular we still had about 50 people in line when we ran out. Our Interstellar Strawberry Lemonade was the first to go. Made with fresh local Oregon Strawberries!

We had a great time this summer supplying lots of Future Pops to Nike WHQ as well as handing them out at a couple of events. Everyone was happy with our great tasting pops. The favorites were American Dream Bar, Interstellar Strawberry Lemonade and Cookies N Cream. A big thank you to Director of Catering Lillian Walton and the whole catering team at Nike that helped make Future Pops a great success our first season in production. We look forward to creating some more amazing flavors over the winter to add to our already growing selection.

Veronica working hard on a hot summer day.

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